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Bank 3.0. Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere You Go But Something You Do

Bank 3.0. Why Banking Is No Longer Somewhere You Go But Something You Do
Автор: Brett King
Дата написания:
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
ISBN: 9781118589687
Цена: 2466.33 Руб.
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The first edition of BANK 2.0—#1 on Amazon's bestseller list for banking and finance in the US, UK, Germany, France, and Japan for over 18 months—took the financial world by storm and became synonymous with disruptive customer behaviour, technology shift, and new banking models. In BANK 3.0, Brett King brings the story up to date with the latest trends redefining financial services and payments—from the global scramble for dominance of the mobile wallet and the expectations created by tablet computing to the operationalising of the cloud, the explosion of social media, and the rise of the de-banked consumer, who doesn't need a bank at all. BANK 3.0 shows that the gap between customers and financial services players is rapidly widening, leaving massive opportunities for new, non-bank competitors to totally disrupt the industry. «On the Web and on Mobile, the customer isn't king—he's dictator. Highly impatient, skeptical, cynical. Brett King understands deeply what drives this new hard-nosed customer. Banking professionals would do well to heed his advice.» —Gerry McGovern, author of Killer Web Content

Цивилизованный человек портит себе зрение телевизором, а культурный - книгой. (Бауржан Тойшибеков)

Университет. Сессия. Читальный зал. Полно народу: как бы готовятся.. К одному студенту подходит другой: - Слушай, а ты книгу вверх ногами держишь! - А ты чё, Фрейд, что ли? - Причем тут Фрейд? - Это - книга! Какие у нее ноги? Ты еще скажи, что я ей меж страниц заглядываю…

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